Paddy Purchase is under way

Dec 01, 2016

I just love this time of the year. The weather has cooled down, cool winds make walking around soooo pleasant. Our dogs get very active and playful. They are also happy, that the hot and humid rainy season is over.

But what I love most is the happy faces of our farmers when they come to sell the fruit of their labor.
As we can have typically only one cash crop per year in our province this is the time of the year they get the money that needs to last them througout the next year.

This year the average paddy price has dropped dramatically. The last years it has been in the range of 12-13 THB/kg. This year the season started at 8 or 9 bath! The state helps farmers with credits so that they can keep their paddy some more month in the barn to lower the early oversupply. Still the price today is below 10 THB/kg in many provinces.
In Amnatcharoen the average mills door price is 11 Bath. This may be due to the fact that the quality from here is very much sought after from the exporters. They use Hom Mali from Amnatcharoen to improve lower qualities from other places.

Our members have a mill door price of 15,8 THB/kg for their Cerified Organic Hom Mali paddy. Rod, our new accountant is amazed of the amount of money she pays out in relation to the quantity of paddy. Our mill door price is the equivalent of the Fairtrade Minimum Price for Organic Hom Mali. We pay on top 200 THB/mt to the FTS Network so that they have funds to run the network. Fairtrade premium of 870 THB/mt goes on top and is paid onto a seperate Bank account owned also by the FTS Network. These funds are the basis for the Fairtrade Projects the General Assembly has decided upon.

Whey you buy our rice you do yourself good as you get the best Jasmin Rice you can find. You can also be sure that you help our farmers to leave the deep poverty behind.

Know also that you contribute to the revitalisation of an environment that has deterioated for many decades until the organized organic reculturing began.