Since 2009 we work together

We, that is Ananya,Bruno and our colleagues, together with  600 farmer families in Amnat charoen province

Amant charoen is in the North-East of Thailand (Isaan).

We work together to improve the ecology and economy of the local agriculture landscape which is based on rice.

Today our farmer partners grow their crops in healthier soils with higher yields and lower input costs, resulting in double or triple net income from agriculture, compared to their conventional agricultural income five or more years back.

The organic, fairtrade, sustainable farmers receive a fair, above market prices and are proud of what they do.
They have found back to an upbeat outlook towards the future as a farmer. 

Amnatcharoen has earned 16 times top prices in the national competition for the most aromatic and best Thai Hom Mali (Thai Jasmine) rice.
We have surpassed even that premium quality.
Main contributors are the organic, vibrant soils under regenerative practices and own seed multiplication and selection.
Even other local millers marvel about the aroma and milling quality of our rice.

Bruno is a Food Technologist and has built and run successful food processing companies in Germany.  He makes sure that our processes and product qualities are geared toward Premium German standards.

Ananya has a background in the finance industry and makes sure, that FTS Thailand runs smoothly, transparently and economically.

Since 2009 we are engaged in the fairtrade movement and are fairtrade certified.

We are a member of the Sustainable Rice Platform.
SRP has developed a robust, transparent international sustainability standard for rice.
We apply the SRP standard with all our cooperating farmer groups and we actively participate in the continued development of SRP.

The Fundamentals of Foodtech Solutions​

We are dedicated to promoting sustainable organic agriculture practices
that support and rebalances natural systems while producing premium quality rice. 

  1. We work with our farmers to improve soil health and to increase the bioactivity in the soil and natural system through the use of sustainable, nurturing agricultural techniques. This helps against possible diseases and increases the yield and the efficiency of nutrients.
  2. We actively engage in adaptation to global heating and mitigation of upcoming weather challenges. This makes our farmers more resiliant against the effects of global heating.
  3. We prioritise long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with farmers, traders, rice millers, and food processors over short-term, convenient deals.This helps to keep all partners honest and increases the interest in mutual well being and success.
  4. To sustain these partnerships and processes, we focus on the development and maintainance of clearly defined and transparent processes and premium inputs. This helps our farmers to avoid the lure of shortcuts to success.
  5. The resulting rice is reliably and consistently superb and does satisfy our quite demanding customers year after year after year. This reduces our marketing costs and allows us to concentrate on the agricultural, social and socioeconomic local development.
  6. We engage in building strong, interwoven networks as they will be an important part in mastering the “interesting times” ahead. This focus on inter-reliance makes us stronger – naturally.

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