Thai Hom Mali
is close to our heart and hands

Thai Hom Mali is considered by many food lovers the best rice in the world. Within Thailand no other province has won the national award for the best Hom Mali more often than Amant charoen.

That we grow this superb rice additionally in organic, fairtrade and sustainable quality makes our Thai Hom Mali the unsurpassed quality leader.

Our Red Jasmine and Black Jasmine receives the same guarding, concentrated attention and care. Both are also healthy, superb pleasures.

If you eat our rice, you will want to eat it always. If you do can’t get it, you will remember it fondly like a lost love.

Locally we produce premium quality Hom Mali, Red and Black Jasmine and Herbs & Spices. 

Our Thai Herbs & Spices

Here in Amnat charoen we rely purely on rain. We have no rivers and do have no extractive ground water usage. As a result we can grow only 1 rice crop per year.  The income from rice cultivation alone is not enough for family spending through the year.

Instead of a 2nd crop of rice cultivation that would result in ground water depletion, we develop with our members the cultivation of Herbs & Spices.

More and more of our farmers learn how to grow these additional crops. If you are interested in any of these products in the medium term, pls contact us. The Products are certified according to organic EU&NOP and Fairtrade standards

We grow fresh and dried hot chili, Ginger, Galangal, Turmeric, Galic, Shallot and Lemongrass.

Our customers need more rice varieties than we can supply from our local Thai production.
Therefore we offer additionally a wide range of organic rice from other countries,
typically under cost effetive brokerage.

We partner with carefully selected millers in India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Greece and Brazil to complete the rice range we offer from Thailand. Additionally we offer:

  • Basmati and Jasmine Rice
  • Long, Medium and Round grain
  • raw, steamed and parboiled 
  • White, brown, red and black
  • Head rice, broken rice, rice flour
  • for packers, industrial use or 
  • baby food

Our international customers are importers, rice miller and packers, mostly in Europe and the US and the one or other Asian customer.
For Export we sell in Bulk packaging between 25 and 1200kg bags.

In Thailand we sell to processors, few exporters and we can “not avoid” selling directly to consumers as whoever has eaten our rice comes back to get more. One of our customers in Bangkok told us: “Your rice has spoiled my family. They do not want to eat any other rice anymore and if I do not order early enough from you, they grumble until your rice is back on the table.” For consumers we pack in 1kg and 5kg.